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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Agus & Frida Ekanurdi

I am motivated by life lessons from my father who always showed his love to his family through home cooking before he passed away. I would love to pass on his legacy to anyone who needs help improving their relationships like I do.

When I am not following this passion of writing, you can find me learning to become a better father for my son and documenting my journey in doing so. I hope that my experiences in achieving fruitful parenting journey would be able to be written in my next book.

I am the writer of the book Cook Your Way to Love & Harmony. I always believe that home cooking is the true embodiment of love. Because home cooking makes us show patience, kindness, humility, hope, and perseverance.

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    1. Great interview, however, I guess I'll be forced to buy the book, in order to figure out how cooking can solve relationships. It sounds like a strange concept, but perhaps it'll be worth the try. I enjoyed the YouTube video.