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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Michelle Lynn Stephens

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I bounce excessively from one to another. I do eventually choose a deadline and buckle down on whatever is next, but it takes a minute. I have so many areas that I want to tackle, it’s hard to choose one at a time. I have children’s projects, a teen self-esteem journal, devotional writings, a project telling the story of my grandmother, a sequel to my novella and more poetry, all in the works.

I primarily use my writing to encourage women to put their faith in action and love themselves again after enduring challenges, such as divorce and domestic violence.



She is based on myself, so I know her very well. She tells it like it is and is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. She’s not always too lucky in love but still believes in it. I’m excited to be celebrating the sixth anniversary of that book this month.

I have been interviewing family members and watching documentaries to bring authentic settings and events from the span of her life into the big picture. She has been deceased for most of my life, but she will always be a big inspiration for me.

Michelle Lynn Stephens hails from Durham, North Carolina and is an inspirational writer who encourages others to make comebacks out of setbacks while they overcome life’s obstacles through faith and perseverance. She is the author of The Divorcée Chronicles:Diary of a Divorcée Diva and co-author of the Brown Girls Books anthology, Single Mama Dating Drama. In January 2017, she released her award-nominated poetry collection, Straight from a Diva's Heart. In addition to writing, she enjoys singing, acting and performing spoken word poetry. She is a member of World Overcomers Christian Church.


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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Derashay Zorn

 I have to schedule my writing time and hold myself accountable by keeping the appointment. Also, when the writer within is spontaneous, I use my phone to voice record or take notes.

Abortions "In the Church" 

Abortions in the Church – Divine Strategies to Spiritual Deliverance is a book designed to spring forth a spiritual awakening in the church across the world as it brings deliverance unto Gods people. It speaks to the body of Christ about the bloodshed that is taken place in God’s house day after day and assembly after assembly, as it sheds light on the spiritual miscarriages, abortions, and stillbirths that are taking place right in the church of God’s promises, visions, dreams, and purposes for His people. While exposing its direct connection to the murders and deaths that are taking place naturally, the bloodshed must end on the inside of the church before it reaches beyond its walls.  Abortions in the Church – Divine Strategies to Spiritual Deliverance provides strategies on how to be delivered from those things that cause spiritual miscarriages, abortions, and stillbirths so that one can deliver the manifestation of God’s word within their lives.

With these strategies, you can

  • Understand what a spiritual abortion, miscarriage and stillborn entails
  • Recognize the risk factors and signs of having a spiritual abortion, miscarriage and stillborn
  • Obtain preventive methods to eliminate spiritual abortions, miscarriages, and stillbirths
  • Identify areas that have caused or could cause an interruption in your purpose, goals, visions, dreams, desires or mission.
  • Conceive and preserve the word of God
  • Overcome opposition that has hindered you from living out your purpose, living your dreams, goals, visions, aspirations, etc.

If you are looking for guest speakers that coincide with your vision, I believe that what God has released through this book will be an asset to your audience and the work that He is doing through you.  Here are a list of topics that go along with the book. However, my topics of discussion are not limited by these listed below.  

 Conference / Summit/Seminar/Speaking Empowerment Topics and Training

I am Pregnant with Possibilities
Delivering my Expectations
Planned Pregnancy
I Think I am pregnant
Overcoming/Avoiding the Pitfalls of having a spiritual  miscarriage, abortion & stillborn
Avoiding SIDS
False Labor Pain
Preventing Premature Birth
Resuscitate my baby
Balancing my pregnancy
How to deliver a healthy baby
Trusting others with you baby
My baby needs to grow up
It takes a village to raise this baby
My Baby Just L.E.A.P
Kingdom Business: Non-Negotiable
B.O.S.S. (Birthing Out Successful Solutions) Business Strategy Series
F Factors (Fear. Faith. Favor)

You can also learn more about me on my website: 

I look forward to hearing from you soon and how we can work together to build the kingdom of God.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Lauren H Salisbury


She was only three when this particular event took place, and she used to think we lived inside the laptop because that's where she always saw us. Part way through the conversation, I mentioned that I was thirsty, and my niece immediately offered me some of her milk - by pouring it onto the computer screen. My sister was horrified but I couldn't stop laughing. It took her all afternoon to get the thing dried out, but it still worked, so all was well in the end. My poor niece spent some time on the naughty chair for that one. I always felt sorry for her because she was only trying to do something nice. The scene is in an upcoming book, so you'll have to wait to read that one.

Some of those islands are so remote that I could spend an entire month (it would be an extended vacation, of course) relaxing and reading without interruptions. The sea, sun, and sand don't hurt either.

Information about him is so elusive, and I'd enjoy getting to know the mind that brought us characters like Beatrice and Viola.

I've never been a fan of the genre and can't see that changing any time soon.

I would have to say that the hardest has been researching the Israelites' time in the wilderness. There's almost too much information in comparison to his early years, and it's been a challenge to get to the core events for my characters.

He has to do a lot of growing up when he takes on responsibility for his sister and her children, and the impact of that decision on him has been fascinating to write. He's more complex than even I realized at first.

I've always loved being part of a book club! To encourage other clubs, and give your group a great experience of reading Courage, I’ve put together the following deal:

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For every three copies of Courage your book club members buy (either ebook or paperback format), I’ll provide one free copy (ebook format only). Time zones permitting, I’ll also arrange to be available for a Q & A session when you’re ready to discuss the book.

To take advantage of this exclusive book club offer, contact me for more details. Happy reading!


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