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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Derashay Zorn

 I have to schedule my writing time and hold myself accountable by keeping the appointment. Also, when the writer within is spontaneous, I use my phone to voice record or take notes.

Abortions "In the Church" 

Abortions in the Church – Divine Strategies to Spiritual Deliverance is a book designed to spring forth a spiritual awakening in the church across the world as it brings deliverance unto Gods people. It speaks to the body of Christ about the bloodshed that is taken place in God’s house day after day and assembly after assembly, as it sheds light on the spiritual miscarriages, abortions, and stillbirths that are taking place right in the church of God’s promises, visions, dreams, and purposes for His people. While exposing its direct connection to the murders and deaths that are taking place naturally, the bloodshed must end on the inside of the church before it reaches beyond its walls.  Abortions in the Church – Divine Strategies to Spiritual Deliverance provides strategies on how to be delivered from those things that cause spiritual miscarriages, abortions, and stillbirths so that one can deliver the manifestation of God’s word within their lives.

With these strategies, you can

  • Understand what a spiritual abortion, miscarriage and stillborn entails
  • Recognize the risk factors and signs of having a spiritual abortion, miscarriage and stillborn
  • Obtain preventive methods to eliminate spiritual abortions, miscarriages, and stillbirths
  • Identify areas that have caused or could cause an interruption in your purpose, goals, visions, dreams, desires or mission.
  • Conceive and preserve the word of God
  • Overcome opposition that has hindered you from living out your purpose, living your dreams, goals, visions, aspirations, etc.

If you are looking for guest speakers that coincide with your vision, I believe that what God has released through this book will be an asset to your audience and the work that He is doing through you.  Here are a list of topics that go along with the book. However, my topics of discussion are not limited by these listed below.  

 Conference / Summit/Seminar/Speaking Empowerment Topics and Training

I am Pregnant with Possibilities
Delivering my Expectations
Planned Pregnancy
I Think I am pregnant
Overcoming/Avoiding the Pitfalls of having a spiritual  miscarriage, abortion & stillborn
Avoiding SIDS
False Labor Pain
Preventing Premature Birth
Resuscitate my baby
Balancing my pregnancy
How to deliver a healthy baby
Trusting others with you baby
My baby needs to grow up
It takes a village to raise this baby
My Baby Just L.E.A.P
Kingdom Business: Non-Negotiable
B.O.S.S. (Birthing Out Successful Solutions) Business Strategy Series
F Factors (Fear. Faith. Favor)

You can also learn more about me on my website: 

I look forward to hearing from you soon and how we can work together to build the kingdom of God.



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  1. Heading to the Facebook page to see what specifically you are targeting. I like the approach.