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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Lauren H Salisbury


She was only three when this particular event took place, and she used to think we lived inside the laptop because that's where she always saw us. Part way through the conversation, I mentioned that I was thirsty, and my niece immediately offered me some of her milk - by pouring it onto the computer screen. My sister was horrified but I couldn't stop laughing. It took her all afternoon to get the thing dried out, but it still worked, so all was well in the end. My poor niece spent some time on the naughty chair for that one. I always felt sorry for her because she was only trying to do something nice. The scene is in an upcoming book, so you'll have to wait to read that one.

Some of those islands are so remote that I could spend an entire month (it would be an extended vacation, of course) relaxing and reading without interruptions. The sea, sun, and sand don't hurt either.

Information about him is so elusive, and I'd enjoy getting to know the mind that brought us characters like Beatrice and Viola.

I've never been a fan of the genre and can't see that changing any time soon.

I would have to say that the hardest has been researching the Israelites' time in the wilderness. There's almost too much information in comparison to his early years, and it's been a challenge to get to the core events for my characters.

He has to do a lot of growing up when he takes on responsibility for his sister and her children, and the impact of that decision on him has been fascinating to write. He's more complex than even I realized at first.

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  1. How funny about the milk. Lovely interview, our book club has read and enjoyed Courage.

    1. Yes, she was a funny kid. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

  2. The milk story reminds me of Jen Jen. Debbie, I agree it is very endearing.

    1. Thank you, JESSie. I think a lot of kids in her generation might have made that mistake.

  3. I love the story in the beginning, great introduction.

    1. Thank you. That's one of my favourite memories of her at that age.