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Blog HOPing to #ACPSLLC’s 2nd Biannual Event

When signing up you are agreeing to the attached rules. Please take the time to read and abide by them. If you have, any questions contact us at

1. You are agreeing to sign up to our mailing list that publishes four times per year. 
2. You are agreeing to follow us on various social media platforms for the sole purpose of gaining readership, subscribers, and/or followers.
3. Post the information on the date agreed upon on your blog in a conspicuous place for a minimum of 48 hours. In addition, leaving the information on your blog for a minimum of 16 days. 
i. When using a Facebook blog, business or fan page PIN in the post to the page and add your company’s information in the comment section. 
ii. You may add a link to the information ‘hoppers need’ with no unfair advantage/disadvantage to anyone wishing to play.
4. You may require a minimum number of entries. You must state this in your rules.
5. You may require a maximum number of entries. You must state this in your rules.
6. You will have a giveaway worth a minimum of $5.00. Your gift may NOT exceed $1,199.00 Hoppers are NOT required to purchase any product, service or entry fee to participate. Each blogger is responsible for obtaining a prize for the HOP and paying for the shipping and handling.  Items such as half-off coupons are not allowed.
7. Keep post easy to find for the entire time the hop is open. No matter how often you post a Hopper will know what to do to enter. Use the top of your main blog page and/or post a link to your giveaway at the top of your blog or sidebar. 
8. Your giveaway must be specifically for the hop. You must state how you will choose the winner, i.e. the first one to answer correctly, the funniest comment, randomly, via Rafflecopter, etc.
9. You will send #ACPSLLC the name of the winner within 48 hours of the closing date in this case. (August 30, 2017)
10. Your prize must ship to the U.S.A. If it is worldwide, please state it, i.e. gift card, eBook, etc.
11. Feel free to mimic ACPSLLC’s post with rules. Please remember to modify all points that include our name. 
12. During this blog hop, each blog will show the next stop. In addition, it will share a link to the hosts' website, *ACPSLLC*  
13. If you sign up and can no longer participate in the HOP itself, please email us @ as soon as you know to keep the game alive for others. And, allow us to remove you from the trail. We will confirm five days before the first post. 
14. If you sign up you are automatically entered into the “Blogger’s Raffle”
15. Do not share your link to the next blog or post before your specified date. 
16. If for any reason you pull out within 48 hours of the start of the hop, you agree to post the next stop despite disqualifying yourself from the “Blogger’s Raffle”. 
17. You agree to monitor and post your beginning followers total and your end followers total on our blog in the comment section for the “winner’s circle.” on or before September 2, 2017, by 12:00 pm.
18. Feel free to use the following blurb for your post:
a. Welcome to “XXXXX” Blog/Page/Website. You have a chance to win “xxxx”. To qualify you must:
i. Follow/Subscribe/Like/Share/Tag/Comment
ii. Follow/Subscribe/Like/Share/Tag/Comment
iii. Follow/Subscribe/Like/Share/Tag/Comment
Once you have completed the above Type “DONE” on the string (comment section)
Make sure to check back here on September 3, 2017, or after.
Thank you for hopping along with us.

19. The Blogger Raffle winner will post September 5, 2017. And must be ordered on or before December 1, 2017, and cannot run past December 31, 2017.
20. If you are using Rafflecopter Allow Rafflecopter to begin accepting entries August 12, 2017, and closing September 1, 2017.
21. WE suggest you start advertising you HOP as soon as you sign up. 
22. Finally, you are invited to join our Facebook Biannual Event on October 25, 2017, as a presenter or as a spectator. Our theme is always “Paying it Forward”.

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